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Cellia lysfat 51x41cm


Size: L50.5xB40.5xH4.5 cm. Color: off white. Have you heard about capiz shell before? They are white and transparent shells, which are gathered in areas around India, Malaysia, and the Philippines. They are often found in lagoons and bays in a depth of about 100 metres. For many years, capiz shells have been used as a substitute to glass in chandeliers and lamps. The material is great due to its durability and translucence. Our Cellia series are made of capiz shells. The series consists of elegant trays and practical storage boxes. The products are shaped and cut by hand by our skilled producers in Vietnam. Every shell piece is attached by hand. You will not find two similar products in the Cellia series. The products may have small differences and imperfections to their look as the shells will vary in size and shape. If you want to serve a cold beverage or store your jewellery, the Cellia series is perfect for you!

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